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Misconceptions About Atheism part 3

May 30, 2010

A few of these misconceptions I thought about making into their own posts, but they were just too short. So I’ve just listed 5 of them in one. I think I might stick to this.

“You don’t believe in God because you hate Him.”

oh really? So, you don’t believe in Santa because you hate him as well? Or the Easter Bunny? Now, I’m sorry if comparing your deity to those fairy tales is insulting – I honestly didn’t mean to do that. I only meant that these, too, were things I once believed in but don’t anymore. I don’t hate God because I can’t hate something which I don’t believe in. I didn’t stop believing in God because of hate or anger, either. The reasons that I had before just fell flat under scrutiny.

“You don’t believe in anything, then?”

No, that’s not quite right. Atheism, by definition, is the lack of belief in a God. It says nothing about what I do believe, only about what I DON’T. I can believe anything I want but as long as I lack a belief in God’s existence, then I’m still an atheist.

“Well, you were never really a Christian in the first place, then”

This is the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. Look it up.

“You just want to sin/you have no morals”

I suppose that depends on how you define sin and morality.

If, by sin, you mean “I wish to live without God”, then you’re assuming God’s existence. I’m not so that sort of sin never really comes into play or is even really a concept. It simply doesn’t exist.

As for sin and morality within atheism, every moral code is based on altruism and empathy including an atheistic or secular one or even a theistic one. There’s been several recent studies on group selection theory and how it relates to altruism and empathy. There’s a very good naturalistic explanation to those traits and they have advantages to society as a whole so it’s beneficial for me and others, in this physical existence if nothing else, to adhere to those ideas. There’s nothing supernatural about them and you don’t need a belief in God to have them or live by them.

“So, you believe nothing happens when you die?”

You got it.

ok, gang, that’s 5. Till next time.

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