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May 17, 2010

College doesn’t so much as teach you what to know as it teaches you how to find the answer. What questions to ask, how to get the answers and how to connect the dots. So, that’s basically what I ended up doing.

I determined the Bible to be an insufficient source of information. It was either inaccurate, indecipherably and, at times, self-contradictory. Some of it was just down right appalling. Sure, there were some real events, places and people in it, but, so what? Harry Potter had those things too but it is, in no way, true.

I also knew that truth, what little we knew being the limited species we are, was gleamed through careful observation of our surroundings. Truth permeated reality and, by careful observation, one could learn the truth by studying the reality that this truth worked on. By reverse engineering reality, I could discover the truth about reality and, presumably, whatever God there was. I could throw everything out and start from scratch and should be able to arrive at the truth and, thus, know God.

What this basically amounts to is Pantheism. All things are a part of reality, reality is an expression of truth and truth is God so, reality is God. I didn’t really have a name for it until perhaps a year or two ago.

Now… what’s the problem with this?

Well, I didn’t really do anything here. I just redefined God instead of finding Him. I just redefined Truth instead of finding it. I could, theoretically, define God to be anything I want and call it good. But this does absolutely nothing to add to my overall knowledge of reality and this universe much less contribute in any way to my moral framework and overall philosophy. In other words, it’s completely useless and I just had to toss it out.

This basically brings me to the present day and my current form of Atheism.

I want to say this: Atheism is not the assertion that God does not exist. It’s simply the absence in belief rather than a belief in absence. In this sense, I am an atheist. More specifically, a weak atheist. I’m completely open to the possibility to a Deity of some sort but I have yet to find any definition of such a being which has any empirical evidence to back it up. The best one can do, so far, is to claim that I cannot disprove their Deity’s existence. That’s true, of course, but I also could not disprove the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Invisible Pink Unicorns, Underpants Gnomes or Russell’s Teapot. Simply because we cannot disprove something does not mean we should accept it by default. The burden of proof is on those presenting the assertion, hypothesis or theory not the other way around.

Anyway, so that’s my story. I’ve glossed over a ton of details and specific arguments I’ve come across and, eventually, discarded for one reason or another. I’ll get around to those. If you have questions or comments or need clarifications for something, ask. I’ll either email you back or create a new post.

Next up – Pascal’s Wager


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