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Hello World

May 17, 2010

Hi. So, this is my blog. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m late on the blog fad. I get that. Anyway, I thought I might get a few questions out of the way for my first posting.

What am I going to do here?

It’s mostly going to be about religious topics. I’m not going to actively try and offend anyone on here so I want to get that out of the way. If you happen to be offended, I will apologize right now for it, but know that I never intended to do that. Please understand that last part. I will point out flaws in religious claims, investigate them and show why they are either true, false or have a probability of being true or false. I will not so much as insult a religious belief or idea, only point out the reality of it.

Why am I going to do it?

Religion is important to me. More to the point, it should be important to all of us. Even if you personally don’t have any religious beliefs others around you do and their decisions, whether we like it or not, affect us in profound ways. Especially in the current times when so much extremism is making headlines (a post for another day).

How am I going to do this?

Well, the first few entries after this one is going to be about my personal conversion from Catholicism to some odd hodgepodge flavor of Christianity to Deism to Pantheism to Atheism. Some of you who know me personally might find some of it a surprise, some who know me better less so. The first few posts will also gloss over a lot of details of what went on in my own head. I won’t go through the specifics of every single argument that went through my head because, simply, that would be too long. I will post individually for each argument but the first few are, specifically, meant to outline my conversion process.

After that, if and when I find a subject I feel strongly about, I’ll post on it or maybe I’ll take questions I get from readers. I won’t start fights here, but I’ll respond to something that moves me or when I’m asked to. Maybe at some point I’ll convert these into youtube videos. Who knows.

Anyway, I hope you stick around. This should be a fun little guide to my life.


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